Forged in the depths of our planet eons ago with unbreakable will-power, this collection of 5555 Diamond Hands abandoned their previous holders the moment they strayed from their ideal of HODL-ing on forever.

After a refreshing ultrasonic bath, these crystalline creatures now roam the web3 in search of a new holder worthy of their rock-solid determination. On their journeys, each has embraced self-discovery, adopted new personalities, interests, and adorned their digits with fun, flashy, forward fashion.

If you think you can call yourself a true Diamond Hand, now is the time to seek out your soul-hand - the one that’s meant for you. And create an everlasting bond that will help you remain steadfast when the paper hands panic.


Diamond Hands Collective is passionate about the future of web3 and Cardano. Our ethos stems from many of Cardano's qualities, encompassing a steady, thoughtful improvement process. Just like Cardano, we haven't rushed to the market. We've focused our efforts on the quality of our collections, ensuring that they live up to our high standards.

Cardano has informed our inclination for nurturing long-term growth within our own community. And it has brought to the fore our core ideal to remain calm through rough times and steadfast in our long-term goals.

Individually we may feel small, but united we can realize great things. By joining the ever-expanding list of fantastic CNFT collections, it's our hope that we can band together through the highs and lows and help Cardano thrive for years to come.

Clarity Coin

The Clarity Coin is a limited collection of 255 unique animated NFT's. Coin holders will attract the attention of our colorful Diamond Hand characters; the coin itself signifies a fervent dedication to HODL-ing, which is a virtuous trait our Hands seek out.

  • Mint price 25 ADA

  • Discounts on future collections

  • “ClarityList” to future drops

  • First to mint future collections

  • Exclusive airdrops

  • Special Discord role

  • Discounts on merchandise

(Discount limited to one mint per wallet)


We love creating scintillating animations. We believe the utility of our collections is in our art and not in unrealistic promises.

Our goal with our art is to grow organically within the Cardano ecosystem and shape ourselves in the process.

Open Vision Board



What is Diamond Hands Collective?

Diamond Hands Collective is an animated nft collection created by renowned animator Jacob. There will be a total of 5555 tokens that serves as the key to unlocking a community driven project inspired by art, investments and internet culture.

What is the policy ID?

Clarity Coin — 757f185882e3b162a62a5970c8e1bde9efc073ae796d99f0f3a931ea

What is the mint price?

Will be announced soon.

Is there an allowlist?

Yes, there is an allowlist that guarantees a mint spot for Diamond Hands Collective. Allowlist spots are being awarded to those who engage and interact with us through various social platforms and giveaways so keep your eyes peeled and notifications on.

What wallet can I use?

You can use any of the following Cardano wallets: Yoroi, Nami, Eternl/cc, GeroWallet, Flint, Typhon Wallet, CWallet, NuFi, LodeWallet

Wen Discord?

Discord is currently live for Clarity Coin Holders and Clarity list members. We'll open it up to a broader audience down the road.

Why Cardano?

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain founded on peer-reviewed research and developed through scientific methods with the goal to create a sustainable decentralized blockchain.  These goals closely align with the ethos of Diamond Hands Collective and where we see the future going in digital art and community building.

What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token

Get Involved

We're open to collaborations and partnerships. If you'd like to be
involved, please reach out.